Is the on-line payment of my order with you safe?

Any on-line payment-method that we offer you is always offered via a secure and encrypted SSL Extended Validation connection.
This means that it is not possible for third parties to intercept the data during the transaction. You can verify the encrypted and secure connection by looking at the address bar of your browser. There should be a green colored padlock there.

Are your prices including VAT?

All prices mentioned on our website include 21% Dutch VAT.

Is this a subscription service?

NO. CellTrack is not a subscription service. If you choose to purchase Credits, it is a one-time, transaction.

How long will my Credits stay valid?

Your Credits will never expire.

Can excess Credits be reimbursed to my bank account?

Unfortunately it is not possible to get your remaining Credits reimbursed. This has to do with high transaction costs and bank fees.
We generally advise to not purchase more than the minimum amount the first time you try our services.

How can I purchase Credits?

After signing up for an account, you can purchase Credits by clicking the button ‘BUY CREDITS’.
You can pay with PayPal, IDeal, Credit Card, and Bancontact. Payment methods may vary locally.

What are the costs?

# Name Price
1 Send SMS 1 credit
2 Flash SMS 1 credit
3 Voice Message 1 credit
4 GPS trace 2 credits
5 Telecom trace 1 credit
6 WhatsApp trace 1 credit
7 Social Media Trace 1 credit


Do I have to download or install any software?

No, all functions are online. You don’t need to install anything.

Can I also trace a mobile number from another country?

Yes, our service works with just about every mobile number in the world.

As an investigating officer, can I use your service during an investigation?

Yes, that’s possible. We offer a public service for which no special authority is required.

Can I also locate a fixed phone number?

No, only mobile numbers can be located. If you need to look-up a landline, look for a reverse number lookup on google.

My phone was stolen, can CellTrack find it?

Yes, this should be possible with our GPS-Trace, provided the thief opens the SMS. Should the thief open our SMS out of curiosity, then can turn on the GPS antenna and find the exact location. CellTrack will then Email you this location within seconds. Except for location, you will also get a email with the phone’s IP address. If it concerns a WIFI connection ,then the police can request the telecom provider to provide the address of that subscriber and get you your phone back.
As a free alternative, can first try to locate your phone via the Google / If you own an iPhone, you could use the 'Find My iPhone' function in iCloud to determine the exact position. If you own an Android, you could try to log in to your google account and find your phone via their free service.

How can I trace the location of my mobile phone?

You can trace the location of your mobile phone in two ways: with the Telecom-Trace and with the GPS-Trace.
The Telecom-Trace can show you if the phone is located in another country and the GPS-Trace can give you the exact location.

How do I start a Trace?

From the top menu select 'Trace Location’. After that you can select either the Telecom Trace or the GPS Trace. After entering the phone number, press ‘Send’ or ‘Retrieve Location’.
Please watch these videos for more information:
GPS Trace:
Telecom Trace:

What is the difference between the Telecom Trace and the GPS Trace?

The Standard trace will work immediately and goes undetected by the phone user.
The standard trace will retrieve real time information like the country the phone is in and information about the telecom provider that the phone is using.
The Telecom trace can also look up the user’s name ,home address, sex, picture, job and much more.

A disadvantage to this trace is that some telecom providers block location tracing nowadays. This means that a Telecom Trace might show that a mobile phone is in its home country while in reality it is in another country.

- The GPS trace can provide you very accurate location details. However, interaction from the phone user will be required. This meant that the phone user must open a SMS and click on its contents.

How does the GPS Trace work?

When you execute a GPS Trace, a SMS is sent to the mobile phone.
As soon as the contents is opened, CellTrack will try to find out the exact location by turning on the GPS antenna and localising its IP address. Whether or not the GPS trace succeeds, depend on the interaction with the phone user. Whenever the GPS trace succeeds, you will receive two emails The first one containing an estimated location based on the phone’s IP address and the second one containing the exact location acquired from the phone its GPS antenna.

What is so special about your SMS service and how does it work?

Our SMS service differs from others in that we allow you to enter any desired name or number in the ’from’ field. This means that the receiver will think the SMS was sent by : ‘Anonymous, ‘God’ ‘Your-name’ or anything else imaginable as long as it is in accordance with local legislation.

What is a Flash SMS?

A Flash SMS is a special kind of SMS that is automatically opened by the receiving phone and will occupy the entire screen (on most phones). Therefore the receiver cannot avoid reading the message you sent . The message will block the phone screen until the phone user has read and dismissed the message. A flash SMS cannot be saved on IOS . Once the receiver presses ‘Dismiss’ the message will disappear. Some android devices do have an option to save the message. You can choose to be completely anonymous when using a Flash SMS.

What is a Voice Message and how does it work?

A Voice Message is a way to:
- surprise someone with a nice/funny message
- send a message while you stay anonymous.

A Voice Message works in the following way:
1 – You enter the telephone number of the person that you want to reach.
2 – You enter the telephone number you want the receiver to see on their screen.
3 – You write the message you want the receiver to hear.

CellTrack will call the number you specified and the receiver will see an incoming call from the phone number you wanted him/her to see. As soon as the receiver picks up, CellTrack reads the message aloud in the voice that you have selected. You can also repeat the message a few times if wish.

Account & Privacy

Why do I have to sign up for an account?

You need an account, so we can keep track of your Credits. There are also some functions, like the GPS trace, where we send an email with confidential information to your account.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time, by logging in and going to ‘Account management’. Below your personal details you will find a button 'Delete my account'.
By clicking on this button all of your personal and confidential information is destroyed. Please keep in mind that if you had any Credits left that these will also be destroyed.

What information does CellTrack store , and why?

CellTrack saves your email and user history.
These are essential for our services to work correctly. You can see, edit or deleted your information any time you wish.
CellTrack does not share or sell your information with third parties.
For more information, please refer to our ‘Privacy policy’ at the bottom of this page.

What will show up on my bank statements?

Bank statements will show: Cellular Intelligence B.V. via STRIPE , PAYPAL or STG MOLLIE PAY.

What do I do in case of a malfunction?

If you are experiencing a problem, please contact us through the SUPPORT form.
Please report to us what page malfunctioned, what you were doing shortly before it happened and what exact information you entered on the page.
Also ,print-screens are very useful.

I do not want to be traced. How can I rule out my phone number?

We have established a do-not-trace-me registry to protect your privacy.
Anyone can opt out by entering their number into this registry and pressing the ‘Send’ button.
Within 1 minute you will then receive a SMS with a code. When you fill in this code on our website, we know that the phone number you entered actually belongs to you and the phone number is automatically excluded from future tracing. You can find the do-not-trace-me-registry at the bottom of this page.

According to the law, when am I allowed to retrieve a phone’s location?

Due to the fact that CellTrack can be used worldwide, clients should be aware of local legislation.
In general CellTrack can be used to track a mobile phone if:
- It is your own phone.
- Your phone was stolen.
- You want to trace your children (under 16 years of age).
- You want to trace the location of someone over whom you have the authority to do so.
- If you got explicit permission from the person you wish to trace
- Your trace is for business use and you have a contract with this person.

You cannot use CellTrack if:
- The person does not want you to trace them.
- You do not have explicit permission of the person you wish to trace
- You want to trace a person without their knowledge & consent .
There are many more situations in which by law you are or are not allowed locate a phone. To be 100% certain of what you are allowed to do in your country, always seek professional guidance before you attempt trace a phone that is not yours.

GPS trace

I did not get an email with the location yet. What should I do?

To get a location, we need the person to open the tracking link inside the SMS.
As long as this does not happen, CellTrack cannot activate the built-in GPS.
Sometimes the phone is turned off or the phone number is no longer active.
If this is the case, the SMS will not arrive on the phone.
You can check the status of the SMS you sent. To do this log-in to CellTrack and select “Account history” from the menu. Scroll down until you see “GPS Trace history”. At the end you can find the status.
If a phone was offline, the SMS will be delivered as soon as the phone is switched on again.

I only got one email with the estimated location. When will I get the second email.

When you get only one email, it means the person opened the SMS and clicked on the tracking link.
However, access to the built-in GPS was blocked of the GPS was disabled. Newer phones tend to do this and there is no way to bypass this.
What you can do is send another GPS-Trace with a different topic at a time when you think the phone will be connected to WIFI. Sometimes it takes a second try to get good results!

I traced the person but the location is incorrect.

When we calculate the location of a phone, we use IP address information to do so..
The IP-address is an address that is specific to that phone only.
This can work pretty well when someone is using WIFI at the moment of the trace.
If the person is using GPRS or 4G the results can be less accurate as the IP is bound to a much larger area. Of course this differs from city to city.
Something else that can cause a wrong location to be sent to you is a so called VPN.
A VPN is a computer in the middle that protects the phones real IP from being traced.
The owner of the phone may have installed VPN software , but some phone companies also do this for their customers.
In the first email we send you, you can see to what company the IP belongs.
You can look up this company and find out if it’s a VPN provider or not.

I traced the person but the exact location is incorrect.

When we grab the exact location of a phone, we do so by activating the GPS that is built in to the phone. We use the original coordinates and do not edit this in any way. If the address is off by a couple of kilometers, than this is the result of bad reception. Sometimes when inside a building, reception can be pretty bad. In such case the phone will use it’s last know location. This can be a couple of kilometers away from the actual location. If this happens you could try sending another GPS-Trace at a later time.

I did a GPS-Trace and I can see the SMS was delivered but the person won’t open the link!

Unfortunately this happens. Some people don’t trust links that are received via SMS.

Telecom trace

I did a Telecom trace but I only get ‘unknown’

This happens when a phone number is no longer valid or the phone has been switched off for a while. CellTrack won’t be able to look up a number if it has been off the grid for some time.

I see the location on the map but it off by 2 Km.

This can happen mostly in areas that are not densely populated areas.
The Telecom-Trace will locate the nearest cell tower to the phone.
In the city there are a lot of cell towers per square Km making it possible to get a better reading

I don’t see the location on the map. The pin drop shows the capital as location.

If you trace a phone that is in a country where the GDPR is actively enforced, you won’t be able to get a position using the Telecom-Trace. You will have to use the GPS-Trace.

The results show that the phone is off-line but I am certain that the phone is turned on.

This can sometimes happen if a phone loses reception. In this case you will still be shown recent data. If you try doing a search later, the phone should have reception again and the results will be accurate again.

I did a Telecom-Trace but don’t see any caller-id information. Why is that.

Although our database is one of the largest available to the public, It does not contain everyone’s info.

The Telecom-Trace indicated that the user not roaming but I am certain that the phone is outside the country. How can this be ?

If the results state that the user is not roaming, 2 scenarios are possible:
   Scenario 1 – The statement is correct and the phone is in its home country and thus not abroad.
   Scenario 2 – The statement is incorrect the phone is in its home country. This means that the phone is abroad, but the telecom provider deliberately does not tell us this due to privacy regulations.


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